RESEARTCH is a term to describe my overall work. Sometimes motivated by personal intuitions, sentiments or drives, sometimes by experimental curiosity, it manifests as something touching Art and/or Research.

The main questions touch upon a sense of awareness, through which inspiration is accessible naturally and with richness – of how to make this accessible to the use and understanding of anyone, in order to nourish a culture of holistic well-being and fulfilment.

Often discovered, often forgotten, for some a natural part of life, for others mere myth-making,I find that it is real: making available a certain strength of nature in a person, bringing clarity of movement, thought and action, and allowing for transformation, growth, and manifestation of beauty in presence – which to me, is best described, by fully embodied poetic experience.


Researtch is sometimes expressed and developed further through artistic manifestations. By the way of the feather; an approach aspiring to creation in alignment with nature, often with a strong aspect of collective synergies at work. ->

Acting and Teaching

Researtch consists of tools from physical theater, immersive performance art, esoteric methods and more. All this in one puzzle, or taken in parts each piece by itself, is available for bookings and collaborations. ->

Researtch Film Quest

Researtch has a growing framework of theory, in reference to many methods, traditions and cultures. This I organically gather, shape and synthesize, heart-fully tending towards cinematic and written formats. ->