𓃦 Way & Aim ☾ 𓀥

We approach the creative work and creative setting, as frame for growing within ourselves and in our lives. A matter of philosophy in the flesh if you will, based on physical movement and imaginative action, playful interchange and poetic attentiveness.

Tools are borrowed from masters such as Michael Chekhow, Jerzy Grotowski, Anne Bogart, Tina Landau – with influence traced to Dah Teatar, Odinteatret, Studio 5, Vækstcenteret, Institutet för Scenkonst, Teatermaskinen, Tankarörelsen, Magusteatern and Club de la Faye.

The work happens together with me and each other during concentrated sessions – and then it continues in your everyday life between the sessions. It breathes with your breath – and with my continuous researtch into being, urge, personal transformation through heartful action.

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