Researtch is a continuous living process. As term or concept it touches imagination, intention, intuition, perception, patterns of transformation. Something done without thinking. Easy to do – complex to shape as formula. Shaping the formula is itself Researtch and can be done without thinking. The process shapes the way – both by design and by chance outcomes.

Some shapes make specific imprints, shifts. Most interesting is it when the shifts happen naturally, but as if given much thought from somewhere. Are these shifts to be understood as performative manifestations?

Living the formula while shaping it, is to experience it as if it formed itself and was always there. It leads to choices, investigations, engagements, sporadic creations of artworks and change.

Along the way of this, comes visible and invisible results – some of these are described here – but the main point is more minimalistic and is simply about shaping a formula by cracking it´s code while simultaneously experiencing it from the inside.

To crack that code / learn how to shape that formula, I have made a series of smaller and larger experiments and research projects. More on those here

& here – Researtch as performative Art Talk.

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