Acting and Teaching

Researtch consists of tools from physical theater, immersive performance art, esoteric methods and more. All of this is available for bookings and collaborations.

On stage


Performing in immersive performance art installations is part of my second nature.

I offer my skills in immersive performance, as performer, teacher and/or organizer. As immersive performer, I work from a vast experience in that field, and with great joy. I can perform non-stop around the clock and love to do so. Improvisation of expression, body and voice, and an abundance of ritualistic playfulness.

I am also available for work as actor – in the more general, not immersive performance-understanding of the word – on stage, on screen or as part of an event.

Master of ceremonies
I have a strong familiarity with the designing and conducting of ceremonies for various purposes and settings. These can be more or less intense in terms of interaction (depending on background, context and purpose of ceremony), but are as a consequence of their nature, usually immersive. When this is of your interest, I can design and conduct the ceremony that is needed for your occasion.

Symbolism, poetry, acting and performance art, are the technical contents of these ceremonies. Benevolent intentions and a lightly sincere approach, are obvious prerequisites for making a ceremony.

Off stage


My favorite form of artistic leadership, is that of Framesetting.

Framesetting is based on the collective generating of ideas and prototypes, within a frame gradually designed and developed by the leader (framesetter). Much room is given to each participating individual, keeping close connection with the concrete purpose at hand. The framesetter fulfills the roles of director, pedagogue, trainer, producer and artistic leader, in shifting proportions depending on each particular project – with no hesitancy in delegating these and other tasks, to other members of the group, when that suits the process and intention of the work as a whole.

Developer of artistic formats
I have a volatile and imaginative mind, which allows for the developing of elaborate artistic project-designs. To develop such designs is a strong source of amusement in itself, and I enjoy helping others in developing their designs, or to develop specific designs for certain details or aspects of their overall projects. My main background in this, apart from my education as theater pedagogue as such, comes from immersive performance and post-drama, from cultural activism – and, from intimate group processes, often in dedication to collective or personal development, through co-created events and workshops.

Beyond stage


My main interest in theater and performance concerns the potential for individuals and groups to transform themselves.

The student is guided to connect with deep reservoirs of personal force and meaning, which then can be accessed in everyday life as well as on stage/other performative settings.

Performance/Acting training
The aim of the work is to achieve expansion of embodied imagination, higher levels of inspiration and intuition, and the courage and ability to transform constantly and translucently, like life itself. Teaching given as singular sessions and short workshops, or in the form of long-term continuous ensemble training, for actors, performers, movers and immersive performers.

was developed by Jerzy Grotowski and Jairo Cuesta, based on Grotowski’s experiments with ‘Bee-hiving’. It is a powerful, efficient, very amusing form of work with movement and expression in groups, for the purpose of achieving deeper connection and sync, within an ensemble.

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