Researtch Film Quest

Researtch has a growing framework of theory, in reference to many methods, traditions and cultures. An important concept for my understanding of how Creativity, Philosophy, Health, Art, Spirituality and Personal Transformation potentially intersect, is the Balinese notion of the highest state of inspiration: Taksu.

This concept was first mentioned to me by Per Brahe, during my first journey to Bali in 2007, at the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts. As I learned more about Taksu, I saw how the – potential – understanding of it, connected to the full landscape of my Researtch.

Video by Fredrik Lindgren / Studio Sapiens. Text: Peter Tommila, Voice: Robert Bolin

I decided to make a documented study of the work with Taksu, during my fourth journey to Bali in 2015. This was done together with Robert Bolin, mainly at the Theater Work Center in Lodtonduh, where we received in-depth teaching by Per Brahe and Ida Bagus Alit. Several interviews were made across the Island of the Gods, including with Ida Bagus Alit (Village of Lodtonduh), Ida Bagus Anom (Village of Mas) and Ratu Srim Empu Dharma Kerti (Village of Sawan), and of course, with Per Brahe, who passionately shared with us the story, outline and essence of his system of teaching in theory and practice.

Visits and explorations were made at several shrines, temples, sites, occasions and places of importance to the understanding of Taksu, from a cultural and theoretical viewpoint, as we above all engaged in daily training from morning to evening with our full organisms immersed, to integrate the knowledge holistically by personal, transformative experience.

Filmed by De Nye Voksne, Edited by Anitha Mathal Hopland

The journey was to a great extent documented by Jonas Bræmer-Jensen and Simon Anker-Larsen, under my own direction, production and intention. The discoveries made during this journey and fully immersive study, and how they have supported me in my Researtch, is a story bound for it´s own proper telling, by the way of the feather.

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