Workshop ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ 𓃦 𓇽 𓆉 ・゚♪

It´s a great thing to engage in regular creative practice.

We open ourselves to transformation and growth through joy and artful movement, starting out from Grotowski´s Watching, further through physical theatre and ritualistic performance art…

The Way & Aim is to bring You direct, dwelling tip-to-toe connection with your personal urge as creator – opening channels of inspiration for strong poetic manifestation, in the moment on stage as well as in everyday life – making and sharing an intimate space for that, a takeoff-point into flourishing spirals way beyond.

This workshop happens in cycles of three sessions (60 Euro fee / cycle), in small groups on a weekly basis: get in touch with me online for further info ⋆₊⋆⁺⋆ ◎

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