ourselves-oneself – performer-teacher

teacher-performer – student-audience

student-audience – audience-student

oneself-ourselves teacher-performer


journey through a frame in cycles such as dreams

imagination, ground, precision of the guide

intoxication, soberness, dancing both ways

within every space, attention shapes the outcome

dancing both ways, imagination, ground

cycle in a frame, reflecting back on life

meaning interchange, body gives the mind

mind is taking form, imagination ground


The force of an image is change, the limit of change produce forms.

Memory = crossing of image and form;

Art: externalizing that crossing.

We work with image and form in extension, deepening, soundness – grounding – to know the personal crossings and the roads to them, the soil under, the landscape around, as forces to use in creative expression and intentional projection, by refined gut-feeling of personas and approaches to life.

Nurturing your awareness of the meaning-making part in you, the integration of it´s mechanisms in you, and the smoothening of your actions in unison with it.

Finding the eye of the storm, and moving from there.

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